Rabbi Jon and Orly Singer (and Matan), OU-JLIC at UChicago educators

The University of Chicago is a private research university, and enrolls 5,900 undergraduate students. It adheres to an academically rigorous core curriculum and has an academic quarter system rather than semesters.

The University of Chicago is home to 750-1,500 Jewish undergraduates. The Orthodox community on campus is comprised of 25-75 students who are enrolled in both the undergraduate and graduate programs. Yavneh at U Chicago is the Orthodox student group on campus. The university is highly flexible in matters of religious observance. Professors are tolerant toward holiday absences; the housing department emphasizes accessibility; and the dining provider readily offers a wide range of kosher dining options.

OU-JLIC provides a variety of learning opportunities and social events for Orthodox students on campus. There are weekly Torah classes on a range of topics including Talmud, Tanach, and halachah. Students also learn in chevrutot with the OU-JLIC Torah Educators. OU-JLIC plans a monthly oneg or kiddush, and other enjoyable events including study break snacks, art night, or ice skating. Yavneh at U Chicago runs the daily minyanim and seudah shelishit on Shabbat.

The Shabbat environment at University of Chicago is warm and welcoming. Shabbat dinner and lunch take place at Hillel and are free. Between 25-35 students attend the Orthodox Friday night services at Hillel and 50-80 students attend Friday night dinner. Students host onegs in their apartments once or twice a month. On Shabbat day, around 20 students daven in the Orthodox morning services which are followed by kiddush and lunch. The OU-JLIC educators also host small groups of students for Shabbat meals. The Rohr Chabad Center offers Orthodox services every Friday evening, followed by a Shabbat dinner. On most Shabbat afternoons students socialize at Hillel where they learn Torah and play games. 

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“The Orthodox community at UChicago is close-knit and warm; everyone knows each other and we all have each other’s backs. We enjoy meaningful Shabbatot, vibrant chagim celebrations, and interesting shiurim and discussions. UChicago is an intense place; but, the Orthodox community and the OU-JLIC programming give me a way to make friends, feel comfortable as a religious Jew on campus, and help me not only survive but thrive in my religious development. As an Orthodox student on campus I am integrated into the broader Jewish community and the university community at large; I think the scrumptious Kosher food in all three UChicago dining halls is partially to thank for that!” OREN

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Atomic fission occurred first under the stands at Stagg Field on UChicago‘s campus.

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