Home to The Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya is located on the Mediterranean coast between Tel Aviv and Netanya. IDC Herzliya was started as the Israeli counterpart for America’s Ivy League schools. More than a quarter of the school’s undergraduates are international students, and the Raphael Recanati International School has students from 86 countries. There are 7,000 undergraduates at IDC, over 5,000 are Jewish, and 700 are from the United States and Canada. 300-500 Anglo students come from a Modern or Centrist Orthodox day school, and over 500 participated in an Orthodox gap year program in Israel before attending IDC. International students that did not take part in a gap year program in Israel may be eligible for a MASA scholarship towards their study at IDC. (Students planning a gap year in Israel may be eligible for MASA support towards their gap year program instead.) There are also other scholarships available.

Currently, Anglo Orthodox students at IDC predominantly live walking distance from campus in Herzliya. IDC Herzliya is in the process of building student housing, which should be ready for December 2018.

The OU-JLIC at IDC Herzliya mainly serves the Anglo students, giving them a home so far away from home, Torah study opportunities in English, and a venue to meet other Anglo students. Each semester the OU-JLIC Torah Educators lead several chaburot options such as “Tefillah Talk,” “G-d on the Grass” and “Women and Judaism.” There is a weekly Gemarah shiur and weekly in depth textual Tanach shiur. OU-JLIC offers about one social event each week with 50-80 students participating. These included “Sufganiot on a Boat” during Chanukah, latke making, paint night, “Breakfast for Dinner” pre-fast meal, Rosh Chodesh walk to the Beach, Tu B’Shvat seder, “Chasiddut and Meditation” and Purim megillah reading. There is also a monthly challah bake with 30-70 students.

Shabbat is another great time to meet other students. A few times a year Hillel runs a communal Shabbat dinner with over 200 students. Although most weeks the majority of students attend their local synagogues and eat Shabbat meals in their personal residences, OU-JLIC runs a Friday night minyan with 70-90 students, organizes “Kiddush in the Park,” and the OU-JLIC educators host seudah shelishit. Every week there is a potluck style “Kiddush in the Park,” that students sign up for before Shabbat and bring homemade (strictly kosher) or store bought food. In Herzliya, it’s never too cold and many students bring games/books to the park and hang out all afternoon until Mincha followed by seudah shelishit. Seudah shelishit is at the OU-JLIC educators’ home, with 20-70 students each week. Students often give a “”Peer Shiur” or there is a shiur/dvar torah from one of the OU-JLIC educators, accompanied by singing and delicious food. As Shabbat ends, there is Maariv in the apartment, followed by musical havdallah with guitar. This year, there was a shabbaton in Tzefat, which will hopefully become an annual event.

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"OU-JLIC has changed IDC Herzliya for the better. OU-JLIC has brought an incredible sense of Torah community that was sorely lacking in my past college experience. My weeks are scattered with shiurim and community events and concludes with a beautiful shabbat filled with singing, friends, and a deep spirituality that I could never have imagined taking place in Herzliya even one year ago.” RAQUEL

It's True

During Operation Protective Edge, IDC Herzliya’s Student Union set up a Public Diplomacy Center that was operational for 30 days, 18 hours a day, and engaged over 670 volunteers, including many from the Raphael Recanati International School, who translated information into over 30 languages. Over 40 million people were exposed to its materials and messages and volunteers appeared in local and foreign media outlets, including The New York Times and the BBC.

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