Santa Monica College is a two-year community college with approximately 34,000 students, offerings in more than 100 fields of study, and a beautiful campus less than two miles from the sandy beaches of the Pacific Ocean. Each year many of the local Jewish students transfer from SMC to UCLA.

There are 750-1,500 Jewish undergraduates at Santa Monica College, 250-500 students from Orthodox day schools, and 7090 students who studied at an Orthodox gap year program in Israel before attending SMC. The majority of Jewish students are from Sephardi backgrounds. OU-JLIC brings a sense of community to the Jewish students on campus, who all live at home in the surrounding communities and commute to SMC for class, and OU-JLIC is essential to helping these students make Jewish friends on campus.

OU-JLIC at SMC offers Torah learning and social events throughout the year.  The social events include start of semester meet-and-greets, barbeques, and game nights. There are also many chagim related activities such as a Chanukah Party, a Tu Bishvat Seder, and monthly Rosh Chodesh ladies events.  During the week, there are many OU-JLIC learning opportunities for students to partake in: “Sushi and Shiur,” “Nooshe Joon” pizza lunch and dvar torah; hilchot Shabbat and Pirkei Avot chaburot; a non-coed shiur for men and women, and chevrutah learning with the OU-JLIC Torah Educators. SMC students also participate in joint programming with OU-JLIC at UCLA (see UCLA profile), including Megillah reading, Spring Shabbaton, and social events to help facilitate a smooth transition for students who have just transferred from SMC to UCLA.

On Shabbat, the OU-JLIC SMC programming takes place in the Pico Robertson community of L.A, where students reside. The OU-JLIC educators host students for Shabbat meals, give shiurim in the community, and some students hang out at the educators’ home on Shabbat afternoon. Occasionally, the OU-JLIC educators host a seudah shelishit for students in their home. Chabad also runs Shabbat programming and hosts students for meals.

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Students Speak

“Attending college in Los Angeles after a life-changing experience in Israel, OU-JLIC made my college experience. My textual skills were enriched by my weekly chevrutah and I was moved by the halachah chaburot. The Shabbat meals and social activities created a place for me to meet like-minded people and create friendships. OU-JLIC creates a warm community of like-minded people; students are able to contribute to life on campus in a meaningful, halachic way and get to hear and learn from OU-JLIC educators. OU-JLIC makes SMC a place where students can thrive and grow as bnei and bnot Torah.” DEVORAH

It's True

Santa Monica College is one of few community colleges that has a superconducting magnet used in the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy instrument to observe local magnetic fields around atomic nuclei.