As dawn breaks over Binghamton University, Rav Ben Menora, the JLIC Director, begins his day with a dedication to Torah learning. Before the world around him awakens, he immerses himself in Gamara study, drawing inspiration and wisdom for the day ahead.

With the morning hours ticking by, Rav Ben shifts gears to ensure his children are ready for school. Juggling his responsibilities of fatherhood alongside his professional duties, he embraces the cherished moments with his children.

As the campus stirs to life, Rav Menora gathers with a group of enthusiastic young men for morning seder. Together, they delve into the depths of Jewish thought through the study of Gamara, engaging in lively discussions and exchanging insights that nourish their souls.

Amidst his busy schedule, Rav Ben finds time to connect with supporters through a Zoom fundraising meeting. He shares the mission and vision of JLIC, rallying support for the vital work being done on campus.

Venturing onto the bustling campus, Rav Ben makes his way to the Kosher Corner, a hub of activity where students gather to grab a meal, socialize, and seek guidance. With a warm smile and open heart, he engages in meaningful conversations, mentorship and support to those in need.

Returning home, he helps with preparations for the upcoming Friday night Oneg. With warmth and hospitality, he welcomes students into his home, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and connection that strengthens the bonds of community.

The event highlights guest speaker Ronen Neutra, whose son, Omer, is currently a hostage in Gaza.

Following dinner and family time, the evening progresses with a special gathering for JLIC students. The event highlights guest speaker Ronen Neutra, whose son, Omer, is currently a hostage in Gaza. Together they engage in prayer, song, and mutual support. Amidst these spiritual reflections, they address the pressing challenges confronting Jewish communities globally, particularly focusing on the heartbreaking situation of the hostages currently held captive in Gaza.

Despite the weight of these sobering realities, Rav Ben remains steadfast in his commitment to supporting his students and nurturing their spiritual growth. With empathy and compassion, he provides a listening ear and a guiding hand.

As the night draws to a close, he takes out the garbage before retiring to rest. He is ready to embrace the challenges and blessings of a new day.

Rabbi Ben Menora exemplifies the dedication and devotion of a JLIC leader, balancing the demands of family, faith, and community with grace and humility.

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