The Orthodox Union’s Heshe and Harriet Seif Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus

We welcome your questions. For campus related questions/comments you can find our educators and their emails below. Have a general question/comment, please give us a call to speak to our national staff, or target your email to the appropriate National staff member(s) listed here. Also listed are the appropriate contacts for scheduling a visit to your high school or seminary/yeshiva. We look forward to hearing from and helping to serve you:

11 Broadway
New York, NY 10004

National Contacts

Rabbi Menachem Schrader, OU-JLIC Founding Director

Rabbi Ilan Haber, OU-JLIC National Director

Rabbi Josh Ross, OU-JLIC Deputy Director

Rabbi Pinny Rosenthal, National Development Director

Rabbi Gideon Black, Director of Professional Recruitment and Leadership Development

Eliana Steinreich, Assistant Director of Operations and Development

Hani Lowenstein, Associate Director of Community Projects

Simcha Himmel, Logistics and Communications Associate

High School Visits

Moshe Greenberg, Deputy Director of Special Projects

Yavneh On Campus and Yeshiva/Seminary Visits

Rabbi Jonathan Shulman, Director of Yavneh

OU-JLIC Educators

Binghamton University
Mrs. Tali Weiss:

Brandeis University
Rabbi Isaac Attia: ; Mrs. Tal Attia:

Brooklyn College
Rabbi Reuven Boshnack: ; Mrs. Shira Boshnack:

California State University at Northridge
Rabbi Bryan Borenstein: ; Mrs. Sondra Borenstein:

Columbia University/Barnard College
Rabbi Noam Friedman: ; Mrs. Shiffy Friedman:

Cornell University
Rabbi Daniel Kasdan: ; Mrs. Sarah Kasdan:

IDC Herzliya
Rabbi Josh Botwinick: ; Mrs. Margot Botwinick:

Johns Hopkins University
Rabbi Don Cantor: ; Mrs. Leora Cantor:

New York University
Rabbi Joe Wolfson: ; Mrs. Corinne Shmuel:

Princeton University
Rabbi Ariel Fisher: ; Mrs. Bina Brody:

Queens College
Rabbi Benny Berlin: ; Mrs. Sara Berlin:

Rutgers University
Rabbi Tzvi Wohlgelernter: ; Mrs. Tali Wohlgelernter:

Santa Monica College
Rabbi and Mrs. Nick and Orit Faguet:

Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan: ; Mrs. Sharona Kaplan:

University of Chicago
Rabbi Jon Singer: ; Mrs. Orly Singer:

University of Illinois
Rabbi Shlomo Schachter: ; Mrs. Ahava Schachter-Zarembski:

University of Maryland
Rabbi Elie Schwartz: ; Mrs. Miriam Schwartz:

Rabbi Yonaton Hirschhorn: ; Mrs. Avital Hirschhorn:

University of Massachusetts
Rabbi Raffi Leicht: ; Mrs. Ariella Leicht:

University of Pennsylvania
Rabbi Yaakov Taubes: ; Mrs. Racheli Taubes:

Western University of Health Sciences
Drs. Rod Avraham and Daniella Najibi:

Yale University Campus
Rabbi Alex Ozar: ; Mrs. Lauren Steinberg:

York University/University of Toronto
Rabbi Aaron Greenberg: ; Mrs. Miriam Greenberg: