Welcome to JLIC Good For The World. Across the world JLIC communities of students and young professionals donate their time and charitable giving to help vulnerable groups and those in need in all manner of ways. With a pool of thousands of volunteers across more than 25 locations in the US, Israel and Canada we are uniquely placed to enable young Jews to bring good to the world.

Now though – as of October 7, 2023 – our efforts are focused exclusively on Israel and doing everything we can to ensure that those who have lost so much and have been so impacted have everything they need. We have 1000+ JLIC community members on the ground in Israel in 5 cities doing everything they can to help.

Our ma’ot chittin pre Pesach campaign will be helping hundreds of needy families in Tel Aviv and many evacuee families make seder and enjoy Pesach – you can donate below – please write ‘Pesach’ in the comment

We have distributed hundreds of micro grants thus far that have provided everything from emergency dental care for an evacuees, emergency equipment for Zaka workersing, Shabbat packages for lone soldiers, an ice cream truck to tour hotels fulls of evacuees, multiple BBQs for many hundreds of soldiers and much more. On a daily basis, we touch the lives of many hundreds. Many of them are children, who we provide with fun activities — while we support their parents with trauma care and temporary job placement – and the families as a whole with hundreds of daily meals. With 130,000 people displaced by the fighting, your contribution will go directly to humanitarian assistance and allow us to deepen the support that we give, while also expanding our work to cover more families.

Thank you for your partnership in supporting this work. We will continue to keep you updated on the crucial assistance that your support has enabled. To read more about our projects across the world visit our Good For The World site, and if you would like to get involved, please email wolfsonj@ou.org