On Monday, March 30th nearly 170 women joined together with the OU-JLIC at Brooklyn College community for a night dedicated to women’s health. The panelists were all OU-JLIC at Brooklyn College alumni and included Dr. Jay Idler OBGYN, Rachelly Liker RD CDN (Nutritionist), Yocheved Strum MS CGC (Genetic Counselor), Rachelle Heinemann LMHC (Licensed Mental Health Counselor), Koby Stern (DPT and Personal Trainer). The virtual event included a panel as well as different breakout discussions with students, alumni and their families all joining in via zoom. Topics included questions such as:

-To what extent is my health status controlled by me as opposed to my upbringing and  genetics – -​What are conditions that women in particular are predisposed to and how often do I need to go in for a checkup? ​

-To what extent does emotional well being/mental health affect our physical health?

-During the current climate of COVID19 what should pregnant women know about coronavirus and viruses in general as it pertains to their health?