Yeshiva University is the world’s premier Jewish institution for higher education. Rooted in Jewish thought and tradition, it sits at the educational, spiritual and intellectual epicenter of a robust global movement that is dedicated to advancing the moral and material betterment of the Jewish community and broader society, in the service of God.

Yeshiva University serves an undergraduate population of approximately 2,100 students; 1,000 women at the Israel Henry Beren Campus in Midtown and 1,100 men at the Wilf Campus in Washington Heights. In addition, there are over 600 men and women enrolled in the Yeshiva University S. Daniel Abraham Israel program, spending the first year of college abroad, studying at various institutions in Israel. Our diverse student population comes from countries as far away as Australia, South Africa, England, France, Morocco, South America and Canada, to name a few.

The University is committed to graduating morally mature, market-ready students who are prepared to harness their vast capabilities in service of others. At YU, students don’t have to choose between their cultural and spiritual priorities and a rigorous academic experience. The Shabbat Enhancement program supports weekly Shabbat activities focused on creating a relaxed, peaceful environment for communal celebration. On average, more than 400 students choose to stay on campus for Shabbat; men and women may choose to remain on their own campuses, or men may travel to the Israel Henry Beren Campus in Midtown for joint Shabbat programs which include student organized programming, speakers, forums discussion and community service opportunities.

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“Yeshiva provides a singular, comprehensive and immersive Jewish experience. The enriching and stimulating Judaic classes are taught by the leading rabbis and scholars of our time, who serve as role models and mentors to all their students. Moreover, Yeshiva boasts a dynamic and active student body that organizes countless events during the week and on weekends for a holistic and diverse campus life.” Shlomo

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YU students visit local public schools and work with students to enrich their education, as part of Project START, a YU-student initiative. 212.960.5400

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