JLIC Mizrachi Herzliya is a vibrant and rapidly growing community of hundreds of young Jews making their lives in Israel: students at Reichman University and other local universities, lone soldiers, young professionals, and olim chadashim from around the world.

During Israel’s current crisis since October 7 2023, our community has mobilized on a massive scale to provide direct support and essential equipment to the units of dozens of our own community members serving as soldiers on the front lines of the war as well as for families displaced from the south.

This kind of solidarity doesn’t come out of nowhere. The dedication of our community members in this moment – both those risking their lives to protect our nation as well as those organizing to support those in greatest need – is a direct expression of the core values of the JLIC Mizrachi Herzliya community. The foundation of the day-to-day functions of our community – a thick, cohesive social and religious group forged through vibrant Shabbatot and chaggim, regular Torah learning and leadership opportunities, chessed and personal relationships – is what has made this overnight mobilization possible and what will carry our community forward as we begin to heal from the difficult recent events.

We hope and pray our soldiers return safely from the front lines and your gift will ensure our ability to support them and our entire community in the weeks and months ahead.


Thank you for your support.


Rav Noam and Shiffy Friedman

Directors, JLIC Mizrachi Herzliya