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The Indispensable Guide To Jewish Campus Life

We’ll provide you with everything you need to know about religious life on campus - this is information you’ve never heard before plus advice on comparing schools, and how to make the most of the college experience. 

Download our brand new campus guide which includes updated campus profiles and student-written articles that discuss everything from being a student leader to thriving on campus as a religious Jew.

  • Read 21 OU-JLIC college campus reviews
  • Learn how students navigate college life and maintain their Jewish identity
  • Watch our online college night webcast when it goes live on February 27th.

If you are headed off to college then you need the facts.

Most Important Advice When Choosing Colleges

OU-JLIC Student at Columbia/Barnard

"Coming from Israel and hoping to strengthen my Jewish identity,

 OU-JLIC has provided everything I needed to keep going strong."

OU-JLIC Student at Queens College

"By being involved in OU-JLIC and contributing to the greater (QC) community at large I have seen a lot of growth within myself - I now recognize my strengths and potential."

OU-JLIC Student at Princeton

“Between helping out students directly and interfacing with the university on our behalf, OU-JLIC has made Princeton a great environment for my own experience and growth these past three years.”

What You’ll Find in this College Guide

All You Need to Know About Shabbat in College

First-hand stories of Shabbat spent on and off campus.

The Challenges of Campus Life

Experiences and advice on navigating the environment as an Orthodox Jew.

A Comprehensive Student Checklist

A list of campus pros and cons to help you determine which one best meets your needs.

This is the must-have college guide for religious students.

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