In a heartwarming tale of collaboration and compassion, members if the JLIC community orchestrated a multi-part, multi-involved initiative that not only saved and purchased flowers from a struggling farm down south but also brought them to the bustling city of Tel Aviv to brighten Shabbat for families who have been displaced by the war.

A southern flower farmer with a family of three children was grappling with the challenges posed by the security situation that prevented them from marketing their flowers. The dire circumstances left them with no viable avenue to sustain their livelihood, as their usual customer base was unable to operate due to the situation.

Upon learning about the farm owners’ predicament, the JLIC team swiftly mobilized into action, demonstrating a true team effort that spanned various aspects of the community.

JLIC community member delivering rescued flowers

  • Orders, Donations, and Purchases: A total of 91 bouquets were ordered. This not only ensured the survival of the flowers but also provided the much-needed income for the struggling farm owners.
  • Creative Contributions: Children from the Yakar community took part in the initiative by decorating the vases, adding a personal touch to each bouquet. Students with autism showcased their artistic talents by crafting Shabbat cards, further enriching the entire experience.
  • Community Involvement: Members of the community played a pivotal role by both buying and donating flowers. This dual approach ensured that the impact reached beyond mere financial support, creating a sense of shared responsibility and solidarity.
  • Reaching Displaced Families & Brightening Hotel Stays: As part of this effort 40 evacuee families who are enrolled in our JLIC family match program received bouquets from their match person/family, a member of the JLIC community. Local volunteers delivered these blooming expressions of care, fostering a connection among community members to families temporarily residing in hotels, turning what might have been a challenging time into one touched by beauty and kindness.

This multi-faceted endeavor stands as a testament to the remarkable outcomes that can arise when a community comes together with a shared purpose. Beyond the tangible impact on the struggling farm owners, the initiative touched the lives of numerous individuals, from the creative contributions of children to the uplifting deliveries to displaced families. The story is an inspiration, demonstrating that even in the face of adversity, unity and compassion can bloom, creating a garden of hope and resilience for all involved.

In the end flowers from the south were rescued and delivered to people from the south via their new friends in Tel Aviv.

This is one example of the many programs the JLIC Israel team has done to help those impacted by the Gaza war. Learn more about JLIC or support our Good for the World initiatives.