In the heart of Jerusalem lies the Jerusalem College of Technology (JCT). Here, amidst the intense academic schedule, Rabbi Simcha and Margalit Herschman lead the charge as JLIC directors. Their mission? To foster a vibrant and inclusive Jewish community within the halls of Machon Lev and Machon Tal, the two branches comprising JCT.

The JLIC community at JCT is a tapestry of about a hundred and fifty dedicated students, with Machon Lev representing approximately 100, and Machon Tal the rest. It’s not just about numbers, though; it’s about the warmth and energy the students bring to each gathering.

At the heart of the JLIC experience are the social events hosted by the Hershmans. Once a week, students gather at their home for a cozy dinner, forging connections and deepening friendships. The intimate setting fosters a sense of belonging, where students feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and experiences.

JLIC Students from JCT Machon Lev enjoying a meal together

But the engagement doesn’t stop there. Despite demanding academic schedules, students make time for JLIC’s educational offerings. Night Seder sessions on Sundays and Tuesdays, along with Mishmar on Thursdays, provide opportunities for spiritual growth and Torah study. It’s a testament to the students’ dedication that they prioritize their religious and intellectual development amidst their rigorous coursework.

Shabbat, the cornerstone of Jewish communal life, holds a special place within the JLIC community. The Hershmans open their home every week to host Shabbat meals, welcoming 12-20 students who seek to join in the joyous atmosphere. Additionally, Shabbatons on campus, organized in collaboration with Machon Lev staff, draw 20-25 participants, enriching the campus with the spirit of togetherness.

Periodically, the Hershmans elevate the Shabbat experience by hosting entire weekends dedicated to communal prayer, study, and celebration. These immersive Shabbat retreats serve as highlights of the JLIC programming, fostering deeper bonds and spiritual rejuvenation.

Rabbi Simcha and Margalit Herschman’s tireless efforts have cultivated a thriving JLIC community at JCT, where students find support, camaraderie, and a shared commitment to Jewish values.

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