Javits Center makeshift COVID hospital is now ready for Pesach with help from OU-JLIC.

The New York Board of Rabbis were in touch yesterday with Rabbi Joe Wolfson (OU-JLIC at NYU) explaining that out of 1000 patients there, about 100 are Jewish patients that needed help for Pesach.
Students transported dozens of boxes of food from the Met Council warehouse in Brooklyn. Others donated 15 crates of grape juice and 100 boxes of Matza.  Students were able to pick up the matza, grape juice as well as siddurim and Tanachs from a shul.

Everything was dropped off at a NY Disaster Relief post in midtown
from where it will be taken by the National Guard to the Javit Center. Elsewhere today we have students working round the clock to make deliveries for the Met Council in Brooklyn and to deliver to the elderly on the Lower East Side.