Jewish Enrichment Learning Opportunity, JELO, is a weekly learning program provided by the students, for the students. Each week, over sixty students come to the Bronfman Center for Jewish life and participate in this wonderful program. Whether to socialize and eat dinner with the larger Jewish community or learn from one of the many sources provided, students have been afforded the opportunity to enrich their week and learn a Jewish theme or text. Aryeh Pelcovits, NYU ’10 and an active participant in the NYU Jewish community, says, “Because of JELO, I know I will be learning on Tuesday nights. I wasn’t able to say that before.” Jessi Klein, NYU ’09 and one of the founders of JELO, says, “JELO allows many Jewish students to come together in a learning atmosphere; it has built a strong NYU learning community which will surely continue to grow.”