Pictured (L-R):Rabbi Gideon Black JLIC @ NYU and Fellowship Coordinator,
Jonathan Bloom Fellow @NYU, Sharone Bloom Fellow @NYU,
Rabbi Robby Charnoff JLIC @QC, Shoshana Charnoff JLIC @QC,
Miriam Schwartz Fellow @QC, Elie Schwartz Fellow @QC,
Rachel Leshaw Fellow @Princeton,
Ilana Bercuson JLIC @Princeton, Rabbi Elie Bercuson JLIC @Princeton

JLIC is excited to announce another new venture aimed at supporting and enhancing the work JLIC is doing on 20 campuses across North America. JLIC has launched the 2014-2015 JLIC Fellowship for final year students at YU’s Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary’s semikha program, and the Graduate Program in Advanced Talmudic Studies (GPATS) at Stern College for Women. The Fellowship, which is accredited as a formal internship for both courses, aims to give rise to the next cohort of full-time JLIC rabbis and educators.

The incoming Fellows, who have stood out as highly effective Jewish leaders in their own right will work alongside the JLIC teams at Princeton University, New York University and Queens College this coming year. Rachel Leshaw will work alongside the Bercusons at Princeton, Elie and Miriam Schwartz will join the Charnoffs at Queens College and Jonathan and Sharone Bloom will serve the NYU community. Rabbi Gideon Black, who directs the JLIC team at NYU, is spearheading the Fellowship.

“The Fellowship is a true springboard for these talented educators in their careers. The challenge and exposure they will get working on campus will certainly match and likely exceed the experiences on offer in pulpit and high school internships” Black noted. The Fellowship was formally launched with a day-long orientation and training seminar at the Bronfman Center for Jewish Student Life at NYU, and the Fellows will have on and off-site supervision ongoing throughout the year. The Fellows, who will join the rest of the JLIC staff at the annual winter conference in December, left enervated about the semester ahead. Rabbi Black was deeply impressed by their passion: “We are truly blessed to have such stellar candidates forming the first cohort of Fellows. Our campus communities will be richer as a result”.

To learn more about the JLIC fellowship or opportunities email Rabbi Gideon Black at rabbiblack@nyu.edu