This past week, the JLIC Tel Aviv Israel team showcased the power of collective effort and compassion by organizing a series of impactful activities. One particular initiative stood out – a group of 10 dedicated volunteers worked together to harvest an astounding 23,000kg (50,706 pounds) of tomatoes in just one day. This remarkable accomplishment not only speaks volumes about the commitment of the JLIC Israel team but also addresses a crucial issue facing Israeli farms.

One of the Many Challenges in Israel During the War

The agricultural landscape in Israel faced an unexpected hurdle as approximately 50,000 workers from Thailand returned home after the outbreak of the war. This mass departure left hundreds of Israeli farms without the necessary workforce to handle the crucial harvest season. Faced with the daunting prospect of crops going to waste, the community rallied together to bridge the gap and help these farmers during this critical time of year.

JLIC Tel Aviv Picked tomatoes to help a local farmer whose staff left due to the gaza war

The Tomato Harvest:

One highlight of these efforts was a day of collective picking that resulted in 45 pallets of tomatoes, each weighing approximately 510kg. The tangible result was a staggering 23,000kg of tomatoes, a testament to the efficiency and coordination of the volunteer team. This accomplishment is not just a number; it represents sustenance, economic stability for Israeli farmers, and a shared sense of responsibility among the JLIC community members.

Acknowledging the Volunteers:

This effort was a success due to the 10 volunteers whose hard work and dedication made this impressive feat possible. Kudos to each and every individual who pitched in, helping to make a significant impact during a critical time.

This is one example of the many programs the JLIC Israel team has done to help those impacted by the Gaza war. Learn more about JLIC or support our Good for the World initiatives.