In a celebration of community, leadership, and shared values, members of the OU Executive Committee (Rabbi Hauer , Rabbi Joseph and Mr. Aeder) and JLIC West participants recently came together for a memorable mixer event. This gathering, which attracted JLIC and Yavneh student leaders from over 20 CA campuses, was an opportunity to connect and hold meaningful conversations and show mutual appreciation.

The event witnessed an impressive turnout, with student leaders from more than 20 CA college campuses converging to participate in this unique gathering. This diverse representation highlighted the broad reach and impact of JLIC, fostering connections between individuals from various backgrounds and experiences.

Culinary Delights

Adding flavor to the evening was a delicious meal prepared by the renowned Pats restaurant. Attendees had the chance to savor culinary delights while engaging in conversations that transcended geographical and cultural boundaries. The shared dining experience created a warm and welcoming atmosphere, setting the stage for the camaraderie that unfolded throughout the event.

JLIC event with food from Pats restaurant

Musical Inspiration

The night took a melodious turn with a captivating performance by Simcha Leiner. The renowned artist’s inspiring concert resonated with the audience, creating an atmosphere of unity and joy. The power of music to bring people together was evident as participants enjoyed an uplifting performance and dancing.

Simcha Leiner performing at the JLIC West event

Meaningful Conversations

Committee members engaged in conversations with student leaders, gaining valuable insights into their ideal college campus experiences. The exchange of ideas and perspectives fostered a sense of connection and understanding between the committee and the students.

JLIC team members and Yavneh campus leaders having conversations during the JLIC West event

Impactful Discussions

The West Coast staff took advantage of the occasion to have impactful discussions with committee members. These conversations delved into key issues and opportunities to impact positive change. A highlight of the evening was the opportunity for committee members to hear from nearly every student in attendance. This inclusive approach allowed students to express their thoughts, concerns, and aspirations, ensuring that their voices were not only heard but also valued. The committee’s receptiveness to student input further strengthened the sense of partnership and collaboration.

Rabbi Hauer and JLIC Yavneh student leaders at the JLIC West event

Gratitude and Recognition

As the event concluded, West Coast students and staff expressed heartfelt gratitude to the committee for their unwavering support and leadership. The acknowledgment of the committee’s contributions underscored the importance of their role in fostering a thriving and supportive community on the West Coast.

The OU Executive Committee and JLIC West Mixer Event was a testament to the power of unity, collaboration, and shared experiences. Bringing together student leaders, committee members, and staff from diverse backgrounds, this gathering served to strengthen the bonds within the community. As the echoes of Simcha Leiner’s performance lingered, the impact of this event continued to resonate, setting the stage for future endeavors aimed at enriching the collegiate experience for all involved.