Rabbi Joe Wolfson (NYU) and Mrs. Margot Botwinick’s (IDC Herzliya) initiative for helping out the most vulnerable segments of our community during this time is up to over 175 volunteers. Volunteers call the elderly, Yachad members and others that are immunocompromised or otherwise isolated (the goal is to reach 5000 seniors). Through Rabbi Joe, volunteers are taking part in a campaign to write letters to 1400 seniors living in Met Council for Jewish Poverty housing complexes. Volunteers are also helping package and deliver meals and/or go grocery shopping for those in need of food, while maintaining safe, government social distancing guidelines. Rabbi Joe believes it is about more than just all the good volunteers are doing, “It’s about agency, it’s about giving people a sense that they can do something in this moment. It really helps to have something productive to do.”
Want to be part of this great initiative? Go to bit.ly/covidkindness