In 1932, University of Mayland’s student newspaper, “The Diamondback” was casting around for a catchy nickname to replace “Old Liners” as a reference for various athletic teams. Dr. Harry Byrd, Maryland’s football coach at the time, favored the allusion to Chesapeake Bay’s turtles and suggested “Terrapins”. The name stuck; today, the “Terps” consist of 27 men’s and women’s athletic teams which represent the University of Maryland in various NCAA competitions.

And now, “TERP” can also be found in two new publications born of a creative collaboration between Maryland’s JLIC (Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus) in cooperation with KEDMA (a campus organization for Orthodox Jewish students)! The first publication, InTERPretations is a compendium of student Divrei Torah on the weekly parsha. The second publication, just in time for Passover, is MasTERPiece, a compilation of over 40 fresh insights on passages of the Haggadah, written by UMD’s Jewish undergraduates.

As part of a campaign to raise money for the Jewish campus community, MasTERPiece was devised as an exciting way to further involve students and their families in motivational Torah study. This unique Haggadah provides a welcome forum for students from diverse backgrounds to share the Torah they learn on campus with their friends, relatives, and, hopefully, the world.

According to one MasTERPiece editor, “Working on this Haggadah, I was inspired to see people from all corners of the community band together to create, not just 40 random pieces of Torah, but something more; they created a work that we feel is a MasTERPiece.”

Rabbi Eli and Naomi Kohl, who began their service five years ago as OU’s JLIC Torah educators have said, “We are continuously awed and inspired by our student’s abilities to reach higher spiritual and religious heights whilst attending a secular university. JLIC and KEDMA at the University of Maryland create valuable programming and social networks to support individuals as they grow in Torah Judaism. Our students epitomize these traits when they visit our home on Shabbat, learn with us at Hillel, as well as when they walk through the halls of university.

We are thankful to the Orthodox Union for investing in our students’ voice and potential. We hope the proceeds and words of Torah from this Haggadah, proof of our students’ commitment, will help them excel and grow as Torah Jews throughout their college experience.”

This stunning volume not only provides 40+ incredible divrei torah, written by university peers, but also acts as a fully-functional Haggadah; Hebrew and English texts, detail instructions, assorted minhagim, and an awe-inspiring layout will keep participants riveted through Chad Gadya and beyond!

Be one of the first to own the inaugural “MasTERPiece”, and your purchase will go directly to strengthening Jewish life on campus through JLIC, the Seif Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus and Kedma-UMD, the Orthodox student group on campus. See your friends and children published; support Torah learning on campus; it’s the perfect edition to have on hand at this year’s Pesach Seder!

MasTERPiece: a Kedma/JLIC HaggadahMasTERPiece costs $10 for students to purchase and pick up at Hillel and $18 for others. $25 to have it shipped. Your shipping address will be filled out on the checkout page.
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