Contributed by Rabbi Aryeh and Sharona Kaplan, OU-JLIC UCLA

What is the college’s policy regarding work and exams missed due to Jewish holiday observance?


Yeshiva High School graduates can, at times, be surprised to realize that their new academic calendar is not designed to consider Shabbat and significant Jewish holidays. Accustomed to the comfortable accommodations offered by their Jewish High School, acclimating to this new reality can be an unwelcome adjustment that could potentially affect which classes they can register for in a given semester and their grades in current class. Limited allowed absences, lectures missed, available work time compromised, minimized participation in group projects and the inability to take an exam late on Friday or on a Chag can significantly impact a student’s academic experience. Exploring the policies of the university and of individual Professors, speaking to older students about their experiences and planning ahead to anticipate and obviate issues that can rise around Chagim can dramatically alleviate potential drama and allow for a more harmonious confluence between students’ religious and academic priorities.