The mission of JLIC is threefold:
– To enable, encourage, and advance the Torah education and commitment of Orthodox students at secular universities.
– To provide avenues to spiritual development and exploration for Jewish students from all backgrounds.
– To strengthen Orthodox communities on campus in a manner that also encourages openness and mutual respect to all Jews and Jewish communities on campus.

1. Maximizing the growth and development of B’nei Torah on campus.

2. Strengthening the infrastructure of the campus community to enhance and promote Orthodox life.

3. Nurturing future Modern Orthodox leaders and community members.

4. Providing Jewish learning opportunities for the broader Jewish community on campus, and enhancing the capacity of Hillels to serve critical educational needs.

5. Developing informal relationships with students that better enable their growth and learning through modeling, as well as through their conversational and experiential exploration.

6. Offering and making readily accessible pastoral services, counseling, support and guidance to students.

7. Encouraging and modeling healthy and respectful relationships and perceptions among Jews of different backgrounds and affiliations, fostering a sense of communal understanding and acceptance.

8. Using traditional and non-traditional methods of Talmud Torah to communicate important Jewish values and ideas.

9. Strengthening the ties of Orthodox students to Eretz Yisrael.