OU-JLIC has been looking for safe and meaningful ways to connect with our students who we may not easily be able to see in person these days! Rabbi Reuven and Shira Boshnack (OU-JLIC at Brooklyn) began delivering mini kugels to their students and alumni all over the NYC area! Rabbi Shlomo and Ruchie Brukrier (OU-JLIC at Queens), new Directors on campus, have been trying to find ways to meet their students during these new times! They recently began sending out cookie care packages to their students! It’s a great new way to bring their homes to their students.

Rabbi Noam Friedman (OU-JLIC at Columbia/Barnard) or, “RaV Noam” went on a short trip to visit students who are living at home for the semester within a few hours driving distance of New York City. In order to make it through Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey without having to stop in rest stops or to sleep, he travelled with everything he needed – in an RV! He visited students while sitting outside the RV on OU-JLIC folding camp chairs (they got to keep them as swag!) and brought them care packages. The students really enjoyed the visits and appreciated all the (unconventional) efforts it took to make it happen!