Mizrachi OU-JLIC together with Bar-Ilan University hosted over 500 gap year students, lone soldiers, and bnot sherut from across Israel at a lively Nissim Black concert in order to announce the official partnership between Mizrachi OU-JLIC and Bar Ilan University. This new partnership will allow Bar-Ilan to provide more social and learning programming targeting the English-speaking population at the university. Especially exciting is the opening of the English Beit Midrash and Midrasha at Bar Ilan University.

Rabbi Tzvi and Tali Wohlgelernter are now joined by Assistant Directors Uri and Abby Lorkis and look forward to building on this momentum for the coming year in serving the many hundreds of students from around the world in strengthening this wonderful Religious Zionist young professionals community in Givat Shmuel and Bar-Ilan.