Locked in but not locked out of the Beis! This June, OU-JLIC is hosting an incredible Virtual Beit Midrash program for college students, including shiurim, chevrutot, social activities, mishmar and more! Learn more here.

This is an interview with the genius behind OU-JLIC’s new Virtual Beit Midrash, Rabbi Jonathan Shulman. Rabbi Shulman was an OU-JLIC Torah Educator at the University of Pennsylvania from 2010-2014, before transitioning into his role as Director of OU-JLIC in Israel. As Director of OU-JLIC, Rabbi Shulman’s responsibilities include overseeing OU-JLIC’s Summer in Jerusalem program, which has been super succesful the past four years. Rabbi Shulman is also the Director of OU-JLIC’s Yavneh on Campus student initiative.

Rabbi Shulman, what is the Virtual Beit Midrash?

It’s a comprehensive beit medrash program for college students (both men and women), including in depth learning, chavrutah time, social activities, well being activities and fun.

Why launch this program now?

OU-JLIC wanted to create more in depth opportunities for Torah and social engagement online. We kept hearing from students they wanted a more comprehensive framework for community and learning, and came up with the Virtual Beit Midrash in response to student requests. One time activities just don’t offer the same level of growth and fulfillment we can offer with an ongoing and more robust program.

What about this program are you most excited about?

I am excited for the opportunity to build a real learning community experience, even in times of isolation.

What is something students can look forward to as part of this program?

This is a very unique opportunity to learn from almost every OU-JLIC educator across the North America. The OU-JLIC educators are such a talented, exceptional group of Jewish leaders, and to be all under one roof and learn from all of them is phenomenal. And also to have the opportunity to connect with and learn from peers all across North America.

What if anything have you learned from your time running the Summer in Jerusalem program, that you plan to bring to this program?

Over the past four years, I have learned how to create a balanced learning schedule, taking into account shiur time, chavurtah time, different topics and styles and to include social elements and community building, and is also really fun.

I also witnessed how powerful Rabbi Schrader’s iyun gemarah shiur is to everyone in Jerusalem, and I’m excited to bring that to everyone across America.

Info and Registration:

  • June 1-26 (4 weeks), evenings only
  • College students, both men and women
  • $250. Space is limited sand applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Register now.