Updated numbers since campuses closed down due to COVID-19 in mid-March:

  • 12,563 conversations between educators and students, including virtual chevrutah learning and check ins.
  • 11,097 students and their family members took part in the 863 chaburot and shiurim given by OU-JLIC educators.
  • 1,998 students were delivered food by OU-JLIC educators.
  • 1,592 divrei Torah were sent by educators to a total distribution of over 57,427 people. 
  • 4,630 halachic questions were answered by OU-JLIC educators, and 1,437 of these questions were related to COVID-19.


Even with students in “finals mode” OU-JLIC has continued to engage, support, inspire and educate its students and their families:

WOMEN’S PROGRAMMING AT QUEENS – Ashley Cohen (Queens College) concluded her Chabura on the topic of dating with a shiur entitled, “Tefilah in Dating”. She is also working on creating a “Dating During These Times” program where students will hear advice and perspectives on how to date during these times from Shadchanim. Ayelet Shacher (Queens College) ran a Q&A with former Queens College OU-JLIC educator, Channah Cohen, for close to 90 current students and alumni.

TICHEL PARTY – Rabbi Daniel and Sarah Kasdan (Cornell University) had been working closely with a couple scheduled to get married in June, who decided to push the wedding to August so their parents could be there. The kallah is doing Kallah classes with Sarah, and Rabbi Daniel will be the Mesader Kiddushin at the wedding. This week, Sarah threw the kallah a virtual tichel party so she could have a little celebration now despite the disappointment of postponing the wedding.

AN OPTIMAL SPEAKER – Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan was the featured speaker at a student’s Zoom graduation, selected by the family to participate in their intimate celebration, for the important role he played in the student’s life. He shared divrei chizuk and bracha, enriching the graduation for the student who wrote in gratitude, “I am so lucky to have such an incredible and optimal Rabbi, teacher and mentor during my UCLA experience.”

TEFILLAH IN HERZLIYA – This past Friday night, IDC-Herzliya students came together for the first time for Friday night davening in accordance with the Ministry of Health guidelines. As the community came together for the first time in 2 months for a small Tefillah, Rav Josh shared reflections and perspectives on communal patience, kiddush Hashem and our values.