Updated numbers since campuses closed down due to COVID-19 in mid-March:

  • 13,813 conversations between educators and students, including virtual chevrutah learning and check ins.
  • 14,510 students and their family members took part in the 951 chaburot and shiurim given by OU-JLIC educators.
  • 2,162 students were delivered food by OU-JLIC educators.
  • 1,667 divrei Torah were sent by educators to a total distribution of over 62,969 people. 
  • 4,912 halachic questions were answered by OU-JLIC educators, and 1,471 of these questions were related to COVID-19.


As the semester winds down, OU-JLIC continues engaging, supporting, inspiring and educating its students and their families:

FROM BERGEN BELSEN TO HAR HABAYIT- Mr. Elitzur Peles, a Holocaust survivor and the father of Rabbi Yehuda Peles (OU-JLIC educators at Bar Ilan) spoke to students on Yom Yerushalayim about his experiences as a paratrooper during the Six Day War.  He recounted singing Hatikvah on Har HaBayit with all of the paratroopers after the liberation of Jerusalem.

KALLAH SUPPORT GROUP – Shira Boshnack (Brooklyn College) started a Whatsapp support group for kallot during COVID-19. Shira has taught over 280 kallot during her tenure with OU-JLIC!

BE KIND TO YOUR MIND – OU-JLIC at Greater Toronto and Rutgers partnered on a mental heath zoom panel entitled “Be Kind To Your Mind”. The panel discussion featured Rav Tzvi Wohlgelernter’s  father, Dr. Joseph Wohlgelernter (a psychiatrist), Marc Fein and a nurse from the Covid 19 Frontline. The program had over 1800 views.

EMBRACING SHABBOS – Mrs. Ashley Cohen (Queens College) started a new chabura called ‘Embrace Shabbos’ for young women who are struggling with their Shabbos observance. Creating this chabura gives Ashley the opportunity to interact with some new students who are less likely to attend other OU-JLIC shiurim.

1200 AND COUNTING –  The NYU Bronfman Center and OU-JLIC are eight weeks into a new Parsha Podcast and many people have messaged Rabbi Joe Wolfson (NYU) to say how much they appreciate it.  There are currently 1200 subscribers to the podcast.