The Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus is a department of the Orthodox Union. Below are our affiliate programs at the OU that compliment our efforts to improve Jewish life and offer leadership opportunities for college students.

Yavneh is a group of Jewish college students sharing Jewish life with their peers. They’re changing the face of Jewish communal life: connecting Jews to meaningful Jewish life, vibrant communities, and to each other – all through peer-based relationships; intimate Jewish experiences; and innovative community building and programming. Yavneh offers a fellowship, Shabbatonim, grants, and […]

Israel Free Spirit (IFS), an official Birthright Israel trip organizer since 1999, has trips all throughout winter and summer. Trips are open to 18-32 year olds who did not spend more than 3 months in Israel since they were 12 yrs old or older. We believe that people thrive through personalizing their own experiences. Our vision is […]

Whether traveling to Israel on a gap year learning program or going straight to a college campus, NCSY Alumni Connections is there every step of the way with guidance and support. Even after the conclusion of their high school NCSY experience, graduates will be equipped to continue their Jewish growth, learning, identity, and decision making […]

Become a mentor and role model for dozens of Jewish teens and inspire their passion for Torah as an NCSY Advisor. Working alongside other college students and professional staff, advisors make lifelong friends and potential professional contacts. And, with NCSY Regions from New York to Los Angeles and from Texas to Florida, summer programs on […]

Get funding to host fellow students for Shabbat meals, work with a friendly, knowledgeable coach to brainstorm ideas, and earn beautiful Judaica for yourself! This fellowship is only available to those that participated in Birthright – which you can do right after high school.