As spring unfolds the University of Chicago’s Jewish community eagerly anticipates the arrival of Passover. In the heart of this excitement, Rav Yehudah and Hannah Auerbach, the dynamic JLIC couple at the university, are orchestrating a series of heartwarming and meaningful activities that embody the essence of love, community, and tradition.

At the forefront of their initiatives is the annual Big Pre-Passover Packaging event, where members of the JLIC community join hands with the Chicago Chesed Fund to ensure that no one goes hungry during the holiday. Together, they pack boxes brimming with essential provisions, embodying the spirit of tikkun olam and compassion for those in need.

This spirit of communal unity extends further as the JLIC community collaborates with the Yachad community for a Seder plate making event. Through shared creativity and camaraderie, participants come together to craft symbolic elements of the Passover Seder, reinforcing bonds of friendship and solidarity.

A Joyous Passover for the JLIC students at the University of Chicago with Rav Yehudah and Hannah Auerbach

In preparation for the holiday, Rav Yehudah’s weekly shiur, aptly titled “Everything You Need to Know about Passover,” becomes a beacon of knowledge and guidance. From kashering to running a Seder, Rav Yehudah imparts wisdom with warmth and clarity, ensuring that everyone feels empowered to embrace the traditions of Pesach with confidence and joy.

Meanwhile, Hannah’s women’s shiur on relationships, intertwined with the timeless wisdom of Shir Hashirim (Song of Songs), offers a poignant reflection on love and connection within the framework of Jewish teachings. Her insights inspire contemplation and introspection, fostering deeper bonds within the community.

As Passover approaches, the Auerbachs open their hearts and home to students, hosting Seders and serving over 200 meals throughout the week. In a gesture of inclusion and support, students attending the Seders are invited to join a special WhatsApp group, where they can share insights, questions, and Divrei Torah, creating a virtual space that transcends physical boundaries.

In addition to the customary rituals, they’re thrilled to offer moments of joyful celebration and camaraderie. Join them for a soulful bonfire at The Point, with uplifting kumzitz inspired by Shir Hashirim. And of course, don’t miss the Chol Hamoed BBQ, where old-school grills create an atmosphere of friendship and delicious indulgence.

As we prepare ourselves for the richness of Passover traditions, guided by the love and dedication of Rav Yehudah and Hannah Auerbach, we are reminded of the enduring bonds that unite us as a community. Through acts of kindness, learning, and celebration, we embrace the timeless spirit of Pesach that enriches our lives and strengthens our collective bond.

Chag Sameach!

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