Rabbi Ben Greenberg published his second book, Covenantal Promise and Destiny: Wisdom for Life through Lulu Press in September. The book explores Genesis and Deuteronomy for practical wisdom for living.

Rav Ben published an editorial in The Jewish Advocate in response to the tragic suicide of 35-year old Mitchell Heisman on Yom Kippur in front of Harvard’s Memorial Church entitled Tragedy and our duty.

Rav Ben joined the executive committee of the Harvard Chaplains this academic year as Vice President of Chaplain Programming
o In his new role with the Chaplains, he helped plan the October 11th event “Congress on the Future of Faith at Harvard” to take place at Harvard Divinity School
o He is organizing an all-day chaplains retreat in January on the topic of pastoral counseling and has invited Dr. Michelle Friedman, a noted educator in NYC, to be the facilitator for the retreat