As the semester winds down and the pressure of final exams mounts, students at Johns Hopkins University found a diversion in a unique gathering hosted by JLIC. Led by directors Rabbi Moshe Moskowitz and Saara Moskowitz, JLIC has long been a pillar of support and guidance for Jewish students navigating the challenges of university life. On Monday night the bond between the campus and the wider Jewish community was vividly demonstrated.

The event, a finals study break BBQ scheduled for 10 pm on May 6th, 2024, was initially conceived as a way for students to unwind amidst the stress of exams. However, what transpired exceeded expectations and showcased the profound interconnectedness between JLIC and the broader Jewish community.

Rabbi giving the JLIC Johns Hopkins students a motivational talk

In a heartwarming display of solidarity, Rabbi Marwick, the first JLIC Rabbi at Hopkins and now a Rabbi at Shomrei Emunah, was the first to reach out to Rabbi Moshe upon hearing about the pro-Palestinian encampment at Johns Hopkins University. Eager to support the students in any way they could, they offered to bring members of their congregations to the BBQ to provide encouragement and strength. Within a mere 24 hours, the response was overwhelming.

Three shuls were represented, with approximately 25 community members who joined the more than 70 students at the JLIC center. The guests were armed with trays of food and snacks generously donated by three local caterers and bakeries. The sight was a testament to the unwavering support that the Jewish community rallies around its students, especially in times of need.

Rabbi Hauer, the Executive Vice President of the Orthodox Union speaking to the JLIC students at Johns Hopkins University.

The evening took on an even more significant tone with the unexpected arrival of Rabbi Hauer, the Executive Vice President of the Orthodox Union (OU). His presence underscored the importance of the event and the unity of purpose shared by all in attendance. Joined by Rabbi Shmuel Silber from the Suburban Orthodox Congregation and community member Chavi Abramson, they imparted words of Torah and encouragement, uplifting the spirits of the students gathered.

Special recognition is due to Rabbi Posner from Beth Tfiloh who joined the gathering and Rabbi Motzen from Ner Tamid, whose contributions and logistical support were instrumental in the success of the event. Their dedication and involvement exemplify the deep-rooted connection between the local Jewish community and JLIC on campus.

It is evident that JLIC’s impact extends far beyond the confines of the university campus. It serves as a conduit through which the bonds of community are strengthened and nurtured, fostering a sense of belonging and support for Jewish students navigating the complexities of college life.

JLIC Johns Hopkins University Students enjoying a BBQ finals study break

As finals draw to a close and students embark on summer adventures, the memory of this remarkable gathering will linger as a testament to the power of community and the unwavering commitment of JLIC to its students.

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