Rabbi Elliot Kaplowitz and Toby Goldfisher Kaplowitz of the Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus at Brandeis took over two dozen students on a tour of Jewish Boston on Sunday, March 16, 2008. The tour was led by Professor Ellen Smith (NEJS) and gave students a taste of early as well as more recent Boston Jewish history. The tour started at New England Holocaust Memorial, characterized by six blue-tinted, internally lit glass towers representing the six main Nazi death camps. Professor Smith then led students through a walking tour of Bostonake Action Against Darfur Now at NYU, spear-headed a Muslim-Jewish service trip to New Orleans, and led an emergency delegation to Virginia Tech in the wake of the massacre.
Rabbi Sarna oversees the educational component of the Fellowship.

Rabbi Yisroel Porath is the director if JLIC at Rutgers university. He served in the Nachal infantry unit of the Israeli Defense Forces and holds a B Ed in educational counseling. Rabbi Porath has taught in various institutions in both the United States and Israel.
Rabbi Porath oversees the touring and Shabbat experience of the Fellowship.

Shoshana Porath is the Senior JLIC Educator at Rutgers University. She holds degrees in Bible, Jewish History and Education. Shoshana has taught in advanced learning programs for young women and adults in both the United States and Israel.
Shoshana oversees the women’s educational component of the Fellowship.