1.  Free, delicious breakfast

Bagels, coffee, eggs, and more! The most important meal of the day becomes so much greater after a refreshing dose of davening in the morning!

2. Meet new people

Looking to meet other Jewish Bruins and make new friends? There is no better place to do that than the OU-JLIC morning minyan. In college, it always feels like we are introducing ourselves to new people only to never see them again. Our small community provides the perfect opportunity to spend time consistently with highly motivated students and develop interpersonal connections.

3. Learn about davening and Torah reading

What other place in the world do you get to start off your morning by reading from a handwritten, $40,000 scroll? Explore the powerful and fulfilling world of prayer and Torah in Judaism.

4. Become more connected with a tight-knit community

Everyone in college is looking for a place to call home. The OU-JLIC community welcomes all Jewish students to become part of our community in any capacity! Whether you want to come only once or every day for the rest of your life, you should know that we value you as an integral part of our community.

5. “Power 5” with Rabbi Kaplan

After davening, you get to be part of the world famous “Power 5”: a five-minute shpiel given by Rabbi Kaplan about an interesting topic in Jewish law. Every day, you will enter your classes already having learned something!

6. Start off your day with a bang and an accomplishment

Instead of waiting until the afternoon for your first pass at a textbook, join us at 8:30 am for a refreshing, motivating way to start your day. You will have started and finished something before most of your classmates have gotten out of bed!

7. Develop your professional skills (being on time, being responsible, etc.)

Minyan starts at 8:30 am Monday-Friday. Can you come late? Sure! However, coming on time to minyan will improve the quality of davening and serve as a low-pressure way for you to practice arriving on time for an early morning activity. Does your future job start at 9:00 am? That’s no problem for the student who comes to OU-JLIC morning minyan!

8. Develop your spirituality

What are your goals in life? What are your thankful for each and every day? Explore the answers to these questions through our powerful davening experience.

9. Fulfill mitzvot

Shacharit, tallit, tefillin, and more! Each mitzvah is an incredible opportunity to achieve greatness!

10. Become a leader

Judaism is NOT a spectator sport. Being part of a minyan means being an active leader and supporting others. There are many different roles and responsibilities that go into making a great minyan, and we would love for you to join our first-class team and take Judaism to the next level!

Originally appeared in Ha’Am by Josh Graham