This summer, college students from around the world gather in the heart of Jerusalem to participate in the JLIC Summer program at Harova. This unique initiative brings together both men and women to live, learn, and grow in the Old City, offering an unparalleled blend of professional and spiritual development.

Immersed in the Heart of Jerusalem

Participants have the unique experience of living in the historic Jewish Quarter, their home for the six-week program. This provided a rich backdrop for their daily activities, which include a combination of internships and high-level Torah study. Students begin their mornings at various internships across the city, gaining valuable hands-on experience in fields such as psychology, biology, and more.

Internships and Intellectual Growth

S. Katz one of the students on the JLIC Summer program at Harova Shlomit Katz, a psychology student from McMaster University in Ontario, interns at Hebrew University’s cognitive psychology lab under Professor Nilly Mor. There, she assists with research on negative distractor tasks related to depression and helps design experiments on rumination and cognitive bias. This opportunity significantly enhances her research skills and deepenes her understanding of psychology.

G. Zidele one of the students on the JLIC Summer program at HarovaGali Zidele, a biology major from Stern College for Women, works in a research lab at Hebrew University’s School of Pharmacy. Her internship involves practicing lab skills and learning about new technologies, providing her with valuable insights into the research field and supporting her aspirations in the pharmacy sector.

Spiritual Enrichment

Evenings were dedicated to Torah study, with students attending shiurim (lessons) in Tanach, Halacha, and Jewish Philosophy. The Beit Midrash sessions featured engaging lectures and student-led chaburot (study groups), including notable presentations by Bailey Spitz and Yonatan Cohen. This blend of formal learning and peer-led discussions fostered a deep and dynamic educational environment.

Students learning together on the JLIC Summer program at Harova

Social and Cultural Activities

The program isn’t all work and study; it is filled with enriching social and cultural activities as well. A highlight was the special Shabbat spent together in the Old City, where students engaged in learning, singing, and exploring the historic sites. The group also enjoyed a night out at the Jerusalem food festival, sampling local delicacies and soaking in the vibrant atmosphere.

Students from the JLIC Summer program at Harova having fun at the Jerusalem food festival.

Two students from the JLIC Summer program at Harova enjoying their evening at the Jerusalem food festival. A special mishmar (night learning session) featured Yonatan Attias from Nuriel, who led the group in song and Torah study in preparation for Shabbat, creating a warm and inspiring community experience.

A Summer to Remember

The JLIC Summer program at Harova offers participants an incredible blend of professional internships, rigorous Torah study, and immersive cultural experiences. Living in the Old City, surrounded by thousands of years of history, students leave with enriched minds, inspired spirits, and a deeper connection to Israel and their Jewish heritage. This summer is truly a memorable journey of growth, learning, and community.

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