From Brandeis to Tel Aviv: Purim Unity Across Continents with JLIC

Purim, the festive Jewish holiday celebrating the salvation of the Jewish people from the hands of the villainous Haman, is not just about dressing up in costumes and indulging in sweets. It’s a time of unity, giving, and spreading joy. This year, the JLIC communities from Brandeis University to Tel Aviv University joined forces for a heartwarming Purim initiative that bridged the gap between continents.

The Brandies JLIC community preparing the mishloach manot packaged for the Purim crossover story

At Brandeis University, the JLIC community was buzzing with excitement as students gathered to prepare mishloach manot, for soldiers in Israel. Armed with an array of snacks and treats, 25 enthusiastic students came together to pack these special packages with love and care. Laughter filled the room as they worked side by side, infusing each mishloach manot with warmth and goodwill.

One of the two bags sent to Israel as part of the Purim crossover story

The result? Two massive bags brimming with goodies and adorned with heartfelt messages of support from the Brandeis students. These packages were destined for Israel, carrying not only delicious treats but also the spirit of camaraderie and solidarity across the miles.

But the journey of these mishloach manot was far from over. Across the ocean, at Tel Aviv University, Eitan Philips, the JLIC director, awaited their arrival. Alongside JLIC students at Tel Aviv University, Eitan will oversee the distribution of these thoughtful packages on Purim day.

What makes this gesture even more poignant is its destination. The mishloach manot will be delivered to injured soldiers recovering from injuries sustained in Gaza. In a time of healing and recovery, these tokens of love and encouragement from afar will surely bring smiles to their faces and warmth to their hearts.

Brandies students writing cards to include in the mishloach manot package

The collaboration between the Brandeis and Tel Aviv University JLIC communities exemplified the true essence of Purim – unity, compassion, and the power of collective action. Despite the physical distance separating them, these students came together to make a meaningful impact on the lives of others.

It’s moments like these that remind us of the interconnectedness of the Jewish community worldwide. Regardless of geographical boundaries, language barriers, or cultural differences, the bonds of shared heritage and values unite us all. Through acts of kindness and generosity, we strengthen these bonds and enrich the tapestry of Jewish life.

The story of this JLIC Purim crossover from Brandeis to Tel Aviv serves as a powerful reminder of the impact we can have when we come together with purpose and determination. Whether it’s packing mishloach manot for soldiers, volunteering in our local communities, or simply reaching out to a friend in need, each act of kindness has the potential to ripple outwards and make a difference in the world.

As we celebrate Purim this year, let us take inspiration from the unity and generosity demonstrated by the Brandeis and Tel Aviv University JLIC communities. May their story serve as a beacon of hope and solidarity, illuminating the path towards a brighter, more compassionate future for us all.

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