Chanukkah Shiur

JLIC Rabbi Aaron Greenberg's Chanukkah Shiur! Find it under York's Shiurim. Chanukkah Sameach!

Rachel on the Way

Shani Taragin at University of Toronto brought to you by Rabbi Aaron and Miriam Greenberg, JLIC couple at York/U of T

“After the Wedding”

Rebbetzin Sharona Kaplan
The OU's JLIC educator at UCLA takes on a slightly older group, providing "Kallah II" classes to married women.

Op-Ed in OU's Shabbat Shalom,...

Kallah Class Part II

Sharona Kaplan at UCLA initiated "Kallah Class Part II", focusing on issues of marital harmony, communication, emotional needs and intimacy for newly married couples. See attached article: