As spring blooms, the Jewish community at Yale University eagerly prepares for the festival of Passover, a time of reflection, celebration, and tradition. At the heart of this vibrant celebration are Rabbi Alex Ozar and Lauren Steinberg, the dedicated JLIC directors, who work tirelessly to ensure that Passover at Yale is a memorable and meaningful experience for all.

One of the hallmark features of Passover at Yale is the warm and welcoming atmosphere of Rabbi Alex and Lauren’s home, where they graciously host seders for students and community members. Their home becomes a hub of activity, filled with the joyous sounds of laughter, singing, and the clinking of glasses as participants gather to retell the story of the Exodus and partake in the traditional Passover meal.

Behind the scenes, Rabbi Alex and Lauren put in countless hours of preparation, consulting with the kosher dining staff to ensure that all dietary needs are met and directly purchasing and distributing kosher for Passover food. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that everyone can fully immerse themselves in the holiday spirit without having to worry about dietary restrictions.

Passover at Yale - Students and Kids making matza

But the preparations don’t stop there. One of the most exciting aspects of Passover at Yale is the opportunity for students to participate in matzah baking. Rabbi Alex guides eager participants through the process, from sourcing shmurah matzah flour to carefully following the halachot of matzah baking. The experience is not only educational but deeply meaningful, as participants come together to fulfill a mitzvah with their own hands.

Reflecting on the experience, Rabbi Alex shares, “We got shmurah matzah flour, filled jugs of water before nightfall in accordance with the halacha, did a crash course on the halachot of matzah baking, and got those babies done in under 18 minutes!”

In addition to these hands-on experiences, Passover at Yale offers a wealth of learning opportunities for students to deepen their understanding of the holiday. Rabbi Alex hosts a popular Passover prep Q&A session, where students can ask questions, seek guidance, and engage in meaningful discussions about the significance of Passover observance.

Passover at Yale - JLIC students preparing meals

Through their dedication and passion, Rabbi Alex and Lauren create an inclusive and enriching environment where students can connect with their heritage, forge lasting friendships, and experience the beauty of Jewish tradition. Passover at Yale is not just a holiday celebration; it’s a journey of discovery, community, and spiritual growth.

As Passover approaches, the anticipation builds, and the Yale Jewish community eagerly looks forward to coming together once again to celebrate this cherished holiday under the guidance of Rabbi Alex Ozar and Lauren Steinberg. Together, they continue to uphold the rich traditions of the past while inspiring a new generation to embrace the timeless values of faith, freedom, and unity.

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