On April 3rd, 2024, the JLIC Herzliya community hosted a thought-provoking event in collaboration with the Tikvah Fund, featuring the esteemed Ambassador Michael Oren. The event, titled “Israel’s Relationship with the World,” delved into the intricate dynamics of Israel’s interactions with its neighbors, allies, and adversaries. Ambassador Oren, a former Member of Knesset, former Israeli Ambassador to the United States, and renowned historian, provided invaluable insights into Israel’s diplomatic, political, and military history, offering a unique perspective enriched by his multifaceted background.

The event was a culmination of the efforts of a group of JLIC Herzliya community members who initiated a local chapter of the Tikvah Fund, a prominent organization dedicated to exploring Jewish thought and its relevance to the modern world. Their collaboration brought Ambassador Oren to engage in a captivating conversation with Yoeli Margolies, a member of the JLIC Herzliya community, on the evolving landscape of Israel’s global relations.

Michael Oren speaking to the JLIC Herzliya community

Ambassador Oren’s discourse traversed historical and contemporary geopolitics, offering a comprehensive examination of Israel’s relationships with various nations. From its neighboring states to its allies across the globe, he explained the complexities and nuances that define Israel’s international engagements. Drawing from his extensive experience as a diplomat and scholar, Ambassador Oren provided invaluable insights into the challenges and opportunities inherent in Israel’s position on the world stage.

One of the highlights of Ambassador Oren’s discussion was his exploration of global antisemitism, a pressing issue that resonates deeply with Jewish communities worldwide. With his background as a professor at several universities in the United States, Ambassador Oren brought a unique perspective to this topic, shedding light on the manifestations of antisemitism in different contexts and offering strategies for combatting this age-old problem.

Moreover, Ambassador Oren’s personal journey, including his experience as a lone soldier, resonated strongly with the diverse audience comprising college students, young professionals, and lone soldiers. His uplifting message emphasized the transformative power of service to one’s country and community, inspiring attendees to recognize their potential to effect positive change in the world.

Michael Oren speaking in Herzliya to the JLIC community

The event served as a forum for dialogue, education, and inspiration, fostering a deeper understanding of Israel’s place in the global community. Through Ambassador Oren’s insightful analysis and impassioned discourse, attendees gained a newfound appreciation for the complexities of Israeli diplomacy and the enduring resilience of the Jewish people.

The event provided a compelling exploration of Israel’s relationship with the world, offering valuable perspectives on history, politics, and the human experience. As participants departed with a renewed sense of purpose and commitment, they carried with them the seeds of understanding and the resolve to contribute meaningfully to the ongoing narrative of Israel’s engagement with the world.

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