Hani Lowenstein

Associate Director of Community Projects

Hani Lowenstein was born in New Haven, Connecticut and grew up in Washington, DC. She received a BA from the Stern College for Women Honors program where she majored in Judaic Studies and minored in Psychology. She subsequently completed an MA in the Bernard Revel Graduate School of Yeshiva University in Modern Jewish History. Hani has studied at Nishmat, Michalah and the Gruss Midrashiya program. She is certified by Machon Puah as a Yoetzet l’refuah v’halacha. Hani has experience in the world of education in different settings in the US and Israel ranging from elementary school age children to women’s adult education and everything in between. As the Associate Director of Community Projects (for almost a decade), Hani’s work at JLIC currently focuses on a range of different projects relating to educational resources and JLIC’s work in Israel. Hani made aliyah in 2018 and is blessed to live in Jerusalem with her husband, Daniel, and their six wonderful children.

To speak to Hani Lowenstein, email her at lowensteinh@ou.org