Rabbi Pinny Rosenthal

Director of Development

Rabbi Pinny Rosenthal is OU-JLIC’s National Development DirectorA veteran educator, Seattle-born Rabbi Rosenthal was the Dean of the Torah Academy of Long Island for ten years and has taught in various local communities for the past twenty-five years (over 975 of his classes are available on YUTorah.org). He was also the lead guitarist for Shlock Rock for many years. Rabbi Rosenthal most recently served as senior director of the Manhattan Jewish Experience, a role that combined management, development, teaching, program planning and counseling. He received a BS in Finance from Touro College, a masters in education administration from Columbia University and semichah from Yeshiva B’nei Torah in Far Rockaway, New York. Rabbi Rosenthal lives in West Hempstead, New York with his wife Marie and their six children. 


To contact Rabbi Pinny Rosenthal please contact rosenthalp@ou.org