InDavid and Shanna Kashani dating class flyer the heart of the San Fernando Valley, amidst the bustling campus of California State University Northridge (CSUN), lies a community striving to uphold tradition while embracing modernity. David and Shanna Kashani, directors of the Yavneh – JLIC Valley Hub, have taken on a unique mission: to guide Persian Jews through the maze of dating and relationships in a world far removed from the customs of their ancestors.

For many in the Persian Jewish community, dating is uncharted territory. Unlike the arranged marriages that were common in Iran, where familial networks played a significant role in matchmaking, today’s young adults are navigating the complex landscape of modern romance largely on their own. The Kashanis recognized the need for guidance in this new terrain, where the desire for lasting, meaningful relationships collides with the uncertainties of contemporary dating culture.

Their weekly dating events serve as beacons of wisdom and support, offering a safe space for young Jews to explore the intricacies of dating, marriage, and everything in between. With a blend of traditional values and practical advice, the Kashanis help their community members decipher the nuances of healthy relationships and proper dating etiquette.

JLIC West Coast Dating Events - Event Flyer for 10 Really Dumb Mistake That Smart Couples MakeOne recent series, titled “10 Really Dumb Mistakes that Smart Couples Make,” exemplifies their approach. Beyond the catchy title lies an evening of introspection and growth, where attendees engage in candid discussions while enjoying the camaraderie of like-minded peers. It’s not just about finding a partner; it’s about cultivating the skills and mindset necessary for a successful, fulfilling relationship.

JLIC Students at David and Shanna Kashani dating class and dinner series

David Kashani’s personal journey serves as a guiding light for many in the community. As a former JLIC student who benefited from Sharona Kaplan’s dating and marriage classes, ‘Guys and Fries’, he understands firsthand the transformative power of mentorship and guidance. Inspired by his own experiences, he is now paying it forward, empowering the next generation to make informed choices and build strong, enduring connections.

As the Persian Jewish community grapples with the challenges of modernity, the Kashanis stand as beacons of hope and guidance. Through their tireless efforts, they are not only helping young Jews find their place in the world of dating but also preserving the rich tapestry of tradition that defines their heritage. In a world of constant change, their commitment to love, tradition, and community serves as a testament to the enduring power of human connection.

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