Atara Neuer

Marketing Development Director

Atara Neuer is the Marketing Development Director for OU-JLIC. Born and raised in Montreal, she grew up in a large family filled with lively debate, Simon and Garfunkel records, and homemade pizza. Atara studied in Israel at Midereshet Lindenbaum, and is a graduate of McGill University. She spent her summers at Camp Stone teaching photography and ceramics. 

Atara served as an educator at Manhattan Day School where a highlight was leading a select group of middle schoolers to victory in a Torah Teams championship. At her most recent position as West Side Director of Manhattan Jewish Experience for 5 years, Atara worked in event management and program development for young Jewish professionals, as well as building brand awareness, community engagement and strategic marketing.

She currently resides in an off the beaten path town known as “Teaneck” with her husband Scott and daughter Lulav.
To contact Atara please email