Yonina (Silverman) Rosenthal

Director of Summer Programs

Yonina was born and raised in New Jersey. After spending 2 years studying in Israel at Migdal Oz, she joined the JLIC community in downtown New York City and started attending Hunter College where she double majored in Psychology and Judaic Studies. She spent many summers at Camp Nesher and Stone where she has strengthened her love for Torah and informal education in her many different roles. Yonina has a double master’s in nonprofit management and Jewish Education from Hebrew University. She is also part of the Nachshon Project Graduate fellowship which has helped her get to where she is today. With her past work experience as a placement coordinator from Onward Israel, Yonina is very much looking forward to giving future participants an unparalleled experience on the JLIC summer programs in Israel.


To contact Yonina please email her at yonina@oujlicsummer.org